Flash in Pan Players

Tennis is a fast paced sport, in which you have to be physically fit and mentally sharp to be able to play and overcome your opponents. There have been many legends of the game and in the late 90s and early 2000 players such as Pete Sampras and Roger Federer arguably known as the greatest player of all time have emerged.

His favorite has always been playing on grass and loves that tennis court. If you are looking to get your tennis court resurface then contact Talbot Tennis. Roger is still going strong to this very age showing the will to fight at the age of 35 playing against the top seeds and defeating them. The likes of Rafa Nadal, Andy Murray, Wawrinka, Novak Djokovic, all have and done well but Roger has been the only one who was and is still dominating the beautiful field of tennis.

Over the years there have been many players who have come and gone but couldn’t sustain and meet the level at which legends play. In my opinion that is the difference between players who made a fluke a one hit wonder rather than a consistent top performer. In this era I believe the Japanese Nishikori is a flash in the pan always reaching finals but never overcoming the odds still he is playing so I can’t call him a flash but let’s check out more individual who came and went away in a blink of an eye.

The first name that comes to my mind is Ernests Gullbis, who reached the semi final of the French open by defeating the Swiss maestro Roger Federer and then went on to defeat Berdych  in a quarter final. Moreover, went onto the top 10 players of the world to then just disappearing in front of our very eyes.  Today he is ranked at a lousy number 78, his best season coming in the 2014 to 2015 time line.

Another player was Germany’s Dustin Dreddy Brown, becoming a great crowd pleaser.  Players like Robin Soderling and Victoria Duval don’t make my list because one had to retire due to health issues while the other is making a comeback. In my opinion a flash in the pan is a player who has had the luxury to taste that brass ring and then fall short of his potential not someone who just got lucky.

Other players include Virginier Razzano who defeated Serena Williams in one of the biggest upset in 2012 French Open but till now she has not been able to advance to the final stages of any tournament.

Jerry Janowicz, a tennis protégé and young gun who reached Wimbledon’s final.  Melanie Oudin is who became quite hot when she defeated Maria Sharapova going through a drug suspension these days, and became the fan favorite but then had a set back with an heart illness.