A New Beginning for Rafa

Rafael Nadal is in good form these days after a couple of years of injuries and bad form, it seems he’s back to his best. You may say well he lost to Roger in the final but he did play well and it just wasn’t his night. But just after the Australian Open final, reports were coming out that there may be a change of personnel in Rafa’s camp as his uncle and Coach Toni may split.

After a few weeks Nadal came out and accepted his Uncle’s decision, he said that his uncle was completely free to take his own decision, and will now be focusing on the academy, which is a very ambitious project and will give time to his family which he wasn’t able to before with all the travelling. He said that before being a coach he was an uncle and that he respects whatever decision he takes and is very grateful to him for all the things he’s done.

Furthermore, Nadal added that now his goals are different he doesn’t want to be the world number 1 anymore he’s more focused on playing at the highest level and winning more trophies. He has already been number 1 and achieved a lot of things in his short career which tennis players dream off. Preventing injuries to happen is his major goal, now he is playing in Acapulco and if he somehow makes it to the final he could face Djokovic for the 50th time in his career; which is remarkable.  Rafa’s one around 14 grand slams and now eyes his 15th grand slam at the French Open, which is used to be his fortress a few years ago, and if he maintains this form I believe he may be crowned the king of clay again.

Carlos Moya said in an interview that Nadal looks good and it seems Novak and Nadal could face each other in the final, and this time Nadal looks ready even for a bigger tournament like the French Open, because a fit Nadal is a dangerous Nadal. Rafa is a huge fan of the clay courts and is in some regards a favorite to win the big one in Paris. If you want to contact someone for your own tennis court construction then contact Talbot Tennis, a renowned court construction company in GA.