Sharapova Faces Backlash

Credits: photos for class

The former world number 1 and 5 time grand slam winner Maria Sharapova earlier last year shocked the world when she was found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs and was banned for a set time period.  These days she’s back in the headlines as different tournaments allow her by giving wildcard entries into their events, and so faces backlash from different players.

First of all her sponsor Stuttgard allowed it to happen then Rome and Madrid followed and granted a wild card entry without her having a current ranking. Now she awaits the French Open and Wimbledon decision of whether they will allow her to play by wildcard or not. The current men’s top seed Andy Murray didn’t take this lightly and didn’t like the fact that she can so easily return to tennis and pick right from where she left off because she should work her way back up from the lower tiers.

Furthermore, Caroline Wozniacki also said that this is disrespectful that a player who is still banned no matter who it is, can so easily be granted wild card entries, as she called it disrespectful for the other players and the WTA. She said that everyone deserves a second chance including Sharapova but argued that she should again start from the bottom and fight her way back to the top.

I believe Sharapova has a huge brand name and has been a former 5 time champion which entitles her to getting wildcards even without having a ranking and because of that star power she will cruise through. The Swiss Maestro Roger Federer commented on the saga during the Indian Wells tournament which has an interesting tennis court construction for further court construction contact Talbot Tennis. Roger said that this was a tricky situation, as Maria had served her time but the rule potential could be revisited and changes could be made accordingly.

In my opinion she has served her time and as soon as the ban ends she should be seen as any other another player and receive wildcard entries, according to the current rules, which means she can play every other tournament even with a low ranking through wildcards. However if the regulatory authority wants to make an example out of her and try to send a clear message to future players then should remove the unlimited clause for life for tennis players who were found guilty of cheating.