Matured hard courts, in the end, require resurfacing to reestablish their playability and visual interest, however, because of extensive structural damage more aggressive repair might be required. As an alternative to reconstruction, for example, asphalt overlays or stone tidy overlays, you can select to have a synthetic overlay system installed over a damaged hard court.

Synthetic overlay systems are a cushioned, uncrackable confirmation, support free surface designed and proven to take care of existing court issues. The surface design guarantees long-term achievement since it covers the whole court region. Typically, the court base (old court) can be set up by leveling the surface with cement skim coats and by forcefully repairing all structural cracking with a concrete compound. After the court is repaired, the chosen system is fixed over the whole court surface. The material is thick and thick however, can move since it’s not really stuck to the current court surface.

There are a few synthetic overlay choices to consider, including synthetic grass and synthetic clay. These systems can be installed rapidly and with minimal disturbance to the surrounding grounds. They all give consistent ball bounce, traction, and swiftness of play.

These tough, reliable surfaces additionally tend to mix well with most scenes, settling on them a famous decision for private court proprietors, tennis courts and nation clubs. If you don’t mind look at our manual for manufactured surfaces for more data on the different choices accessible. Talbot Tennis gives a 3-year guarantee against surface splitting. The producer gives extra guarantees against material disappointment.

Engineered HARD COURTS are a padded split free playing surfaces that perform like conventional hard courts. These surfaces are mounted via seaming moves of the material together over the hard court, then fixing it along the court’s border utilizing a textured film that keeps water from infiltrating the framework.



The layer skims over the court surface, (it is not stuck to the surface) so ruptures don’t return after it is introduced. After establishment, an acrylic covering structure is connected to the surface in the coveted shading plan. Regular establishments incorporate the Titan Shield (considered a full court break repair framework) which is a financially savvy, lightweight layer framework that keeps splits from coming back to the surface or a definitive framework choice is the Nova Pro Bounce, which is a padded hard court framework that is simple on the body, however, has an indistinguishable playing and visual qualities from hard court.

Nova Pro Bounce can be introduced over a stone/rock base, an old earth court or a current broke hard court. Looking for tennis court builders? Visit our site for the construction of your tennis court. We provide professional workers that help in the maintenance of your court as well.


  • Excellent solution for cracked hard courts or old clay courts.
  • Eco-sensitive.
  • Quick installation turns around.
  • Cushioned surface is comfortable to play on.
  • Decreased player fatigue and reduction of stress injuries.
  • No dead spots.
  • Excellent ball response and consistent traction.
  • Multi-year warranty.