Tennis Court Paint & Surfacing Products

CrackLastic To Repair Narrow Court Cracks

If you want to fill narrow cracks and you are not planning to restore, CrackLastic elastomeric crack filler is the great option. The most flexible of filling items, CrackLastic can extend and contract with little movements of non-structural cracks. CrackLastic Neutral is tintable to assist you notch your current court colors.

SuperPatch Kit Repairs Larger Court Cracks

SuperPatch Kit is a great turn-key item to fill bigger cracks (1/2\\\” or more extensive). The SuperPatch Kit includes one gallon of Super Patch Binder, 3 gallons of pre- mixed fine silica sand and sifted Portland cement. No crack filling compound will keep down even the smallest structural movement.

CrackSpan Permanent Tennis Court Crack Repair

To repair and hide your tennis court cracks permanently utilize CrackSpan. CrackSpan enables the crack to move under an extreme, waterproof, adaptable layer. Fix the crack, install the CrackSpan member, and coat over it with EnviroCoat tennis court coatings. The crack is totally hidden from the tennis players and shielded from hurtful surface dampness interruption.

TruPatch To Patch Low Areas And Other Irregularities

TRUPATCH is a commercial grade, for fixing low areas and other irregularities on your tennis court. Zones further than 1/4″ ought to be patched in numerous lifts, not to surpass 1/4″. Add 1 section Portland cement to five sections TruPatch. Yield: 100 square feet of patches (1/8″ profound) per 5 lady. bucket.

Fix Rough Areas and Shrinkage Cracks

Utilize Super Patch Binder as A Slurry Coat to Fill Shrinkage Cracks. Super Patch Binder blended with sand and concrete can likewise be connected, with a squeegee, over zones with bunched shrinkage or age splits. For this application, it is blended somewhat looser than you would make patch blend for filling splits and low spots.


Planning New Concrete

Planning New Concrete If you are surfacing over uncovered solid you ought to apply one layer of TalbotTennis acrylic holding operator to guarantee great bond of the EnviroFill as well as EnviroCoat acrylic coatings. If you don’t mind call us if your solid does not have a floor brush wrap up. 1 – 5 gallon bucket will cover 1500 square feet.

To Smooth Out New Asphalt or Rough Courts

Filler Coating for New Asphalt and Other Rough Surfaces. For surfacing over new black-top, harsh or set surfaces, you ought to apply 1 or 2 layers of Envirofill Acrylic Resurfacer. EnviroFill is a dark covering with substantial fiber and sand to fill unpleasant surfaces before the use of shading coatings. 1 – 5-gallon bucket will cover 150 to 500 square feet, in view of surface. This is the best tip

Appealing, Non-Slip Color Coatings For The Surface Finish

Talbot Tennis All set to Use Surfaced Color-Coating: The core of the tennis court surface, Talbot textured 100% acrylic color coatings provide a beautiful, non-slip, protective finish. You can choose from 10 colors: Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Red, Red, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Tan, Brown, and Gray.